World Nuclear University - School of Uranium Production

The International Training Centre (ITC) of the World Nuclear University – the School of Uranium Production (WNU SUP) was established in 2006 and it is run by DIAMO under the auspices of The World Nuclear University in London, UK.

The International Training Centre develops and presents teaching programmes focused on professional training in all aspects of uranium production, i.e. from surveying, exploration, extraction by different mining methods and ore processing through to environmental and employee health protection to the decommissioning and rehabilitation of mining areas following the termination of extraction.

ITC activities are mostly based on cooperation with IAEA in Vienna, which, in terms of technical cooperation, conducts project work with developing countries, nominates participants for long-term training and organizes specialized scientific visits. Short and long term courses are available in different topics: Uranium Deposits Exploration, Uranium in-situ leaching technology, Alkaline Uranium Ore Milling, Tailings Pond Remediation, Legislative Framework of Mining and Processing, Decommissioning and Rehabilitation.

All types of courses include both theoretical lessons and practical demonstrations and excursions to DIAMO’s facilities, that cover all aspects of the mining life cycle. The high professional level of DIAMO staff and the extensive practical experience of its operators are used to good effect.

Such courses are not only taught by experts from DIAMO, but also by foreign lecturers from mining operators and independent consultants in other scientific spheres – geology, hydrogeology, geomechanics, chemical engineering, radiation protection, environmental protection, etc. – as required by the focus of individual courses.